Papers for the IMF on Finances of Bashar al-Assad

These are the papers, and excel sheets which are available for download on the Finances of Bashar al-Assad. IMF Paper on Russian and Syrian Finances PDF Syrian World Bank Figures IMF Excel Sheet

Complaint Against North Korean Hacker Park Jin Hyok Unsealed By DOJ

Below is the complaint, recently unsealed by the Department of Justice, against Park Jin Hyok; a witness to the 2014 Wannacry attack, as well as the 2014 Sony Pictures Hack orchestrated by Kim Jong Un, and perpetrated by the North Korean Regime. See Below: DOJ Complaint Against Park Jin Hyok  

Commentary on Future Volume in Volatility Trade: Video(Embed)

As I’ve spoken about here before this blog is long on Volatility trades particularly concerning the ^TVIX, ^UVXY, and any other trades which have fundamentals tied into the ^VIX indices. This helpful video below which was posted by Scholargc, a day trader and youtube video blogger outlines some of the more immediate intricacies of the…

White House: Donald Trump Year One

A montage featuring the President of the United States, Donald Trump; First Lady, Melania Trump; his Cabinet; and the rest of his family interacting with American voters in their first year in office at the offical residence, 1600 Pennsylvannia Ave.

Looking Ahead 2018: Putin’s Patience

In an increasingly polarized World we find ourselves cautious, yet hopeful, deliberative, but also reticent. The events which will shape the upcoming year will revolve around two distinct narratives, in my opinion. The first of these is the administrations calculus concerning the Kim Jong-Un régime in North Korea, and the unforeseen consequences of policy both…

Peace must be effectuated with the Kim Jong-Un Régime

The situation concerning North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing is dire indeed. The testing near Manpo and defector accounts of Radiation poisoning and birth defects was shocking and extremely disturbing information. The scale of the Humanitarian and Ecological disaster which is to take place for the region will be unprecedented. The process which comes next will…