Australian Ascendancy In The U.N. Security Council

Lately I have been thinking about the situation in Syria and the intransigence of the Russians in the Security Council. This led me to think about the U.S. and its stated goal of having India join the U.N. Security Council as its sixth permanent member. I must admit I’m wary of what India would propose as a permanent member of the Security Council seeing as how they are enemies of Pakistan and wish to have a vested interest in the future of Afghanistan with or without U.S. involvement. However it is true that Asia is the largest and fastest growing continent in the world. And India is the largest Democracy in the world. These are all good reasons to include India as part of the security council, however, we should be able to include people who live relatively close to Asia on their own continent who have contributed much in the name of democracy; Australia.

Before you shoot down my idea hear me out. You say Asia is the fastest growing continent with India being the largest democracy in the world. But who is it that helps to sustain this growth in large part because of the plentitude of the resources that it has? The answer to that question is most definitely Australia. It’s because of Australian companies like mining giant BHP Billiton and others that lead the way not only in South East Asia where Singapore is the world’s largest Muslim majority country. But also in countries like China, where financial services are dependent heavily on Australian expertise, and buildings require the raw materials to be built that only a resource rich country like Australia is able to handle. And speaking of China it is also true that Along with India these two behemoths share a like currency; the Reminbi. However this currency is ancillary and is not noteworthy in the two economies where one relies heavily on rupees, India; and the other relies heavily on Yuan, China.

Australia allows for Asia to be viewed through a prism that is wholly separate from the view of the U.S., and yet still western in scope and magnification. As Cold War allies and allies in World War two it is incumbent to at the very least consider a security council of six that includes an ally as staunch as the Australians before we look east for something which may in fact not be there at all, just a thought.

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