Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Cap-Mat-Cap Model

Kevin Miller

Cap-Mat-Cap model

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

In the Palestinian – Israeli disagreement I see only one solution: A free, and prosperous society for not only the Israeli, but also the Palestinian peoples. To me a two state, or no state solution is unacceptable, I believe in one state, the state of Yisrael. This is the only solution I see to a conflict that has become far too mature. The reckoning that I’ve established is that both sides have an urge to reconcile and have peace, yet each side is unwilling to return to the table as a part of the solution, and so instead are regarded as a part of the problem. As an integral interlocutor during the Israeli – Palestinian second Camp David accords I understand the sort of peace which the late Yasser Arafat had dreamed of for not only his people, but the entire region as well. When I look back at those times I realize that the current internecine conflict, as well as the asymmetric warfare which is going on is a travesty, to both his memory, Yasser Arafat, and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s. The accords as agreed to called for the withdrawal of Israeli settlers from crucial parts of Gaza, and the west bank as well. It also called for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from these territories. The document went on further to say that a constitution should be established for the newly constituted state of Palestine, and that it should contain parts of Jerusalem as well. This to me was a fabled agreement that signified the beginning of a new era. When the accords came to naught, and a subsequent fence was established I felt that this was the wrong way to go if a future peace was to be truncated. After the six weeks war, in summer of 2006, it became obvious that a new civil conscience had emerged in not only the region, but the entire world. There began to emerge a resurgence of asymmetry in various hot spots. All of this precluded the U.S. congressional envoy, headed by house minority leader Nancy Pelosi, and the 06’ mid-term elections in the U.S. At the Mid-term elections a Muslim lawyer from Minnesota was elected as a representative. This to me, from a very superficial standpoint signified the manifest capabilities of the extremism of certain dirges’ in the Islamic community. When I look at such things it rends my heart in two to know that the forces of extremism have materialized in all too provocative a manner. When I see the reactionary protectionism of the Israeli leadership, coupled with the deconstructive brinksmanship of the Palestinian authority, it makes me feel remorseful. I feel remorse that the Israeli’s are not complicit with the terms of the treaty. I feel remorse that the Palestinians would rather “hard scrabble” than come to a collective agreement. I urge both parties to return to the second Camp David accords, and have the physical boundaries between them be just that, physical, rather than man made. No longer will we be held back by the bonds of aggression. Freedom is on the march, a new day is at hand. It is our new beginnings which foretold this new horizon. The antagonism of not shall never again placate our values. Never again must we tread upon the path of despair. Not so long ago our forbearers envisioned days such as this where negativity would be replaced by prosperity. Days where the ark of the almighty would find a resting place until it reached that final place which we call Heaven. The covenant is now, our path, is sure we must never backslide to times of impropriety, and violent ascendancy. Through his will; God’s will, our plans will never waver, our steps will always be sure. The time for bickering has passed, the days of slothful adherence shall never darken us again. We as Americans, as people of faith, as the leaders of the world must understand the powers adherent in the necessity of hope, the prosperity of peace, and the faithfulness in that one true love, our God in Heaven who smiles down upon us, as we steadfastly abound in our unwavering spirit, to the covenant forged long ago with our people: that if we remained in lockstep with the teachings, and word of our God that there would be nothing to fear then, now, and forevermore.


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