Iranian Negotiations in Geneva Update: 11/9/2013

Geneva talks update 11/9/13:

It has been reported that Iran’s proposal may be accepted by the international community. In part the proposal forces Iran to discontinue certain parts of its nuclear program, and allow outside international observers to monitor the partial dismantlement. In return the west will relax some of the crippling sanctions against Iran that forced them to the negotiating table in the first place. Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his disgust with the proposal, reportedly, and urges the U.S. to reject the current proposal on the table.

Personally I think that Iran is approaching these negotiations in good faith but I think that the urgency on their side is not there. After all there were negotiations about a range of topics including the nuclear program back in 2007. I believe that this is really it for Iran. We have reached a fork in the road and its Iran’s path to choose.

They can option one: agree that their nuclear program is not going down a path that is for peaceful purposes and give up their quest for nuclear weapons. This will allow for a freer and safer middle east that will be less antagonizing and more cooperative with one another.

Or option two: go down a path that is not conducive to peace and prosperity for either the Iranian people or the Middle East in general. This will cause much suspicion amongst the allies of the U.S. and much consternation for the people of Iran. The results could be catastrophic for Iran and would put them in a position where Iran as it exists now may not exist in the future.

The choice is Iran’s and Iran’s alone. They must understand that this is not the beginning of a process but rather an end to a very long and convoluted dispute. These talks in Geneva are meant to end the conversation over Iran’s nuclear program, not prolong a process that in their minds may just be beginning. In short we are not at the beginning but rather the beginning of the end. The past decade has revealed that stability is only attained when the U.S. speaks not only to its friends but to its enemies as well. In the case of Iran, this is especially true. These talks in Geneva, for the U.S., represent the ending culmination of a process that has taken at least six presidents to conclude. Again, the choice going forward is Iran’s  and Iran’s alone.


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