ISIS in Iraq; A Path Toward Peace

Now that President Obama has committed up to three hundred advisers to Iraq, an order to quell the insurgency in the north of the country, being spearheaded by ISIS, it seems prudent to have an over arching vision of what is possible in Iraq and indeed Syria in our quest to prevent ISIS from blitzing into Iraq anymore. And marginalize the factional offshoot of al-Qaeda an order to make it as unappealing as possible to future would-be terrorist.

The Iraqi military should be prepared with the help of American military advisers to repel the once rapidly advancing enemy with all the espirit d’corps and tenacity that any other military in the world would possess. The first and main objective for the advisers should be to build this confidence and send ISIS back to the hinterlands of Syria, indeed this is already taking place. The Iraqi army can only go so far in defeating ISIS since their not expected to cross the border into Syria an order to continue the fight. However as a milestone objective the Iraqi army should be capable of securing the border with Syria and rooting out any ISIS intelligence figures which may have remained in Iraq once the insurgency has been defeated, as far as they’re concerned.

The role for the military advisers does not end their though since they must now embed with Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the north of Iraq an order to continue the fight into Syria. The Kurds already have a natural base of operations in Northeastern Syria that they can draw from to recruit some of their more hardened warriors who are also more familiar with the tactics of ISIS. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, and the inception of groups such as the Free Syrian Army, and ISIS, the Kurds in Northeastern Syria have been fighting for their own semi-autonomous region in Syria. Since ISIS has over run them I’m sure that they have a bone to pick with ISIS and would be more than eager to settle the score once and for all.

Once the advisers link up with the Kurds and continue the fight into northern Syria the goal should be to inflict as many casualties on ISIS as possible not only to whittle them down, but to stop them from having the cachet to easily recruit and replenish their ranks.

Air strikes will play a vital role in not only fighting ISIS but also patrolling the badlands which exist on the Syrian, Iraqi Border for possible terroristic elements. It should also not be ruled out that if intelligence comes in indicating where al-Baghdadi (ISIS’ de facto leader) is it should not be taken lightly and we should strike with as much force as necessary an order to eliminate the threat.

ISIS is a potent force and should not be taken lightly but as quickly as they have gained territory, so too can they be rolled back to their original position at worst, and extinguished altogether at best.


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