Emergency Security Update on Iraq: 7/6/2014

Emergency Security Update: ISIS in Iraq and the Circumvallation of Mosul

Since the release of a video purportedly showing al-Baghdadi in Mosul leading prayers it has now become the major flashpoint in the war against ISIS in Iraq. However the road to Mosul is not straightforward and may require a bit of outside the box thinking an order to defeat ISIS in Mosul with minimal casualties. The road to Mosul for the Iraqi Army seems more and more likely to involve not only Syria but Turkey as well, as the map shows. If we are to defeat ISIS in northern Iraq the coup de grace will require a deft tactical hand with a strategic focus. We cannot allow ourselves to show our hand in Ninawa province until the very last moment, while simultaneously circumvallating Mosul for what will perhaps be the final showdown, and the most trying trial by fire for both the Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Map File Below:

Iraq_Circumvallate Mosul_Iraqi Army

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