Why Israel Should Occupy Gaza

In the current Israeli-Palestinian fight one thing is clear: Israel is killing a lot of Palestinians, while a lot of Hamas affiliated Palestinians try to kill Israeli’s. If Israel is hoping to stop Hamas once and for all there is one thing that has become clear to me. This is that Israel must at this juncture occupy Gaza. It seems that this is the only way of being able to keep the peace. Gaza is made up mostly of people under the age of fourteen. This means that as Israel fights the enemy of today it is sowing seeds of even greater conflict in the future. This cannot be allowed to happen. By Israel occupying Gaza they will then be able to educate, and feed, and nourish a new generation of Gaza residents who have hitherto now only known war. Also by occupying Gaza Israel can once and for all crush the terrorist element in the Gaza strip and reestablish the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The cycle of violence cannot be allowed to continue to persist in this state of homeostasis, if you will. By bartering with Hamas Israel loses the hearts and minds of its own people. And by not bartering with Hamas Israel loses the hearts and minds of the world community. For an Israeli leader this state of being cannot be allowed to exist. The world community needs to rally and recognize Hamas for what it really is. But that doesn’t mean that the rights of the Palestinian people should be infringed upon. But rather the Palestinian people need to be raised up to new heights hither to fore not seen by them; by the world community. Aid needs to be delivered, wounds need to heal, and children need to be educated. This is a task that the Palestinian people alone cannot deliver upon. But also it should be noted that the first step before we can even begin all of these things is to rid the Gaza strip of the very real and extremely insidious terrorist element that exist in Gaza.
The war in Gaza is a tense and extremely divisive topic however I think that I’ve delivered here a road map that all parties can agree should at the very least be considered so that the Israeli people can live in peace, and the Palestinian people can live in prosperity.


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