Admission of Guilt in Post 9/11 Atmosphere

On Friday the President held a press conference and admitted past errors during the Bush years that he says, amounted to “torture”. This comes before the contents of a Senate report detailing the use of tactics including extraordinary renditions an order to undermine the possibility of additional attacks on the homeland and abroad. Though these acts in retrospect were malicious at best the president seems to be signaling that they were perhaps the measured steps that any administration would’ve taken given the circumstances. I can remember being at my girlfriends house in Tampa and her telling me that “things have changed Kevin” when I asked her to elaborate all she could say was that “she didn’t know” all she knew was that “things have changed”. It’s not that I don’t agree with the steps that were taken during that fateful time; I just wish that they could have been done with less discreet protocol. I know that many will say that we didn’t know who was enemy and who was friend but I can assure you that my girlfriend who comes from a military family was not the enemy.

And it’s not that I hold any sort of resentment for what happened, rather the opposite I’m grateful that I rose to the occasion for my country. I just wish that, as Pollyannaish as it may sound go back to the days before 9/11.

The blood and treasure in the Middle East that was expended to kill one mad man and remove another from power permanently will be debated for many decades and centuries to come. But as for this Republican I’m quite content with the record of the previous administration and if asked to do it all over again would gladly go back down that rabbits hole and all it entails an order to do justice for all those that were killed on that fateful day in New York City where in an instant my childhood was over as well as the lives of nearly three thousand innocent individuals.

If a nation does not learn from the mistakes of the previous generations it will be doomed to repeat them.

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