Ensuring Diplomatic Success: Turkey and the Kurds

The objective of arming the Kurd’s militia properly, seems to me to be essential to the ongoing effort to the defeat of ISIS. The Turks, however, seem to be standing in the way of any substantive increase, in the sort of munitions that the Kurds are currently receiving. In the week beginning the 23rd of November, the president is expected to have a powwow and possible meeting of the minds with president Hollande of France. What they’ll talk about no doubt will be in regards to President Hollande’s idea of a grand coalition to defeat ISIS. However something that is probably not on the agenda but should be is the further arming of the Kurds to defeat ISIS in Mosul, and to help them take the fight all the way to Raqqa. If the administration were somehow able to convince the French of the immediacy of the problem as it regards the Kurds, he would surely mention it in his speech following the meeting. By taking this tact we would be able to then relieve the pressure that is currently being applied by the Turks on our cooperation with the Kurds. We would then also be able to apply pressure on the Kurds argument that the Kurds threaten regional security by asking them to defer to the wishes of NATO. If we hope to be able to win this struggle with ISIS we had better prepare to influence friends, and foster allies.


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