The Sharpened Stick Book Release

The Sharpened Stick: The Future of American-Russo-Sino Relations. This is the official book release. It’s written by me; Kevin Michael Miller. And has been self published on The synopsis goes as follows on

In this a seminal work for Kevin Miller he takes us through the ins and outs of the coming rise of some of the most powerful nations on the planet, namely the United States, Russia, and China, among others. This tour de force is meant to examine the interplay between the world powers and the threats and ambitions on their periphery. Insightful and thought provoking the author argues that though for the United States some of these threats must be handled with force head-on. It is not necessarily sticks and brute force that will dissuade Russia from expanding eastward for instance, prevent China from attempting to “do something” about the ongoing dispute surrounding Formosa and certain islands in the western pacific, or even the nuclear standoff in now defunct six-party talks to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear program. The author instead advocates a policy of engagement and rigidity an order to coax the parties involved to reveal their true intentions thereby allowing for an effective policy to take shape. One that is clear concise and allows for the United States to avoid, what the author believes, based on the principles of Robert Jervis’ work on the security dilemma, an inevitable new Sino-Soviet war. In the end the author believes that the genesis of the Sino-Soviet conflict will beget chaos in their “spheres of influence” once the states involved no longer have an explicit reason to fear each other, or the prevailing international order.

The Book is available now on at the following address: The Sharpened Stick By: Kevin Michael Miller

Or can be found on my Website here: Kevin Michael Miller: The Sharpened Stick: The Future of American-Russo-Sino Relations

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!

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