U.S. Russian Diplomatic Notes: 11/26/2015

  • The situation between Turkey and Russia is very disconcerting to me.


  • It would seem prudent that the United States should work to effectuate a positive outcome in the recent row.


  • The Placement, by Russia, of S-400 surface to air missiles in Syria only 30 miles from Turkey’s border is very provocative.


  • The missiles are in the northwest of Syria, near Aleppo.


  • This has the potential to become very dangerous.


  • Their presence also indicates to me that Russia will not allow the U.S., anytime soon, to create a no-fly zone in northern Syria which could potentially create a positive outcome for the U.S. in Syria.


  • The U.S. should take to notifying the Turks that they should surely protest these actions at the U.N. Security Council.


  • The actions by the Turks at the Security Council should be buffeted by the fact that these Russian missiles pose a grave and serious threat to the Security and inherent sovereignty of Turkey with regards to its neighbors and airspace.


  • The U.S. in addition should bring up protestations to the Security Council, on the basis that these offensive weapons constitute a violation of the sovereignty of Turkey, as well as other regional actors.


  • This should be done as soon as possible.


  • It should be noted that the ultimate aim of protestations at the Security Council are so that the U.S. can eventually establish a no-fly zone with respect to northern Syria, with the acquiescence of the Russians, as well as the Syrians.




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