Teaching Excellence for the Classroom and Life

Recently I jotted down some notes from a conversation I had on what it will take for the nation’s schools to be more successful, these are a few of the ideas that I would use to shape the public educational system here in the U.S.


  • Charter Schools, Vouchers, and teacher performance evaluations are must haves.


  • The funding for NCLB needs to be there an order for schools to succeed


  • All schools are not created equally.


  • Vouchers are part of the solution but not the whole solution.


  • Every school, indeed every classroom has a different perception of what the best way to educate the future looks like, this should be encouraged.


  • Testing should be dynamic and not one dimensional.


  • Testing shouldn’t be martial, that is to say the idea of testing should feel natural to the students and teacher alike, while still measuring aptitude.


  • Out of classroom life experience should count towards educational goals, through testing.


  • More public schools need to be “retrofitted” with pay increases for faculty and better facilities. Pay increases attract better talent.


  • Educating the future of this nation should be a career and not a job, which is why teacher’s need to be certified and educated for the long haul.


  • Teachers need to be better educated i.e. a masters degree is a must. Curriculum needs to be expanded at an early age.


  • Students must not be allowed to fail. The system must not fail the students.


  • Reading curriculum should be examined in lowest performing states. Setting the bar lower than it ought to be is unacceptable.



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