Looking Inward: Notes on Recent U.S. Foreign Policy

  • UNTET in Timor Leste was substantial for the australians and lasted many years after the initial conflagration
  • UNMIK was a mission in Kosovo and the “greater” balkans that brought about a change in leadership in the Former Yugoslav Republics that has lasted to this day
  • UNCURK was the UN high command in Korea that ensured peace during the cold war along with a substantial(42,000) amount of U.S. forces.
  • The U.N. has been involved in Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, and Syria in the recent past, with varying degrees of success.
  • The reason the U.S. is “losing” so many wars is because the U.S. no longer has a mandate to provide peace and security in the world as in the immediate aftermath of the cold war
  • This is not due to the actions of any one U.S. president
  • the U.S. will require someone who can communicate effectively and persuasively with large swaths of the world in varying environs for a sustained period of time before the U.S. is again able to realize its potential in the global sphere.
  • this will take a concerted effort by said president that will require authority and mandate in all spheres of the diplomatic, Intelligence, military, and economic (DIME) paradigm.
  • the reason the U.S. lost its mandate to provide peace in the first place is its lack of coordination with the U.N.
  • this is due to the fall of the USSR and the subsequent american imperial phase that saw unrestrained power for much of the nineties.
  • it can be argued that this changed on September 11th 2001
  • the correct path after this catastrophe would have been an interventionist/internationalist bent rather than an interventionist/preemption bent
  • the administration at the time was so traumatized by 9/11 however and their perception during this event that they became extremely insular and provocative in their actions
  • in the bible it says that in the keeping of many counselors their is safety
  • the administration however took the exact opposite tact instead vetting extremely poorly the people who are counseling them, and not allowing enough  counselors in for fear of being seen as weak
  • this was a mistake
  • in the future the U.S. needs to seek out partners for its interventionist bent, and it should have an interventionist bent
  • however interventionism must be subservient to internationalism, for the long term future
  • this means the possible expansion of the in security council
  • amongst other diplomatic initiatives

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