ROK-DPRK Recommendation Notes 12-12-15

  • Kim Jung-un seems to be reverting back to his grandfathers policies toward ROK.
  • he could possibly be seeking reunification, on his terms however
  • this is the reason for the peace proposal, and subsequent meetings between the north and south
  • any and all negotiations between the us and north however should involve ROK
  • if possible six party talks should be temporarily disbanded in favor of three way talks between the DPRK and U.S. and ROK
  • Kim would not reach out if he didn’t think that he had a strong authoritative grip on his consolidated control of the country
  • In 1973 it was observed that the DPRK was always asking the ROK for a peace treaty with the impression being given to the world that the ROK was despondent and not open to any sort of peace treaty with the DPRK. 
  • this seems to be the tact that Kim Jung-un is taking with his recent exhortations toward peace with the ROK.
  • This is a tactic that must be countered by the west and its allies lest we be seen as favoring no solution on the Korean peninsula.
  • Park has taken plaintive steps towards the DPRK… what are the two sides saying to one another
  • If the DPRK is genuine in its entreaties then it is encouraged that we should perhaps counter their peace offer with some measure of deal-making
  • however their DPRK trips itself up with its long record of double dealing and treachery… if only it could be proven by Kim that he is sincere
  • During a conversation that Park and Kinssinger had in 1973 at the blue house it was agreed that the approach that park wanted to approach recent north korean peace entreaties with was a good idea
  • his approach was a non-agression pact and recognition by both sides that there should be a recognition of the boundaries between the two countries. 
  • also the recognition of ROK by USSR and PRC was sought as well
  • this to me seems to be the direction that current negotiations should take.
  • My Recommendations:
  • A proposal of a non-agression pact and a joint declaration by both countries that the border between the two is valid and should not be undermined by any means necessary. 

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