DPRK: North Korea Policy Suggestions 12/14/15

  • current levels of troops in Korea should be reviewed though considering the circumstances they may have to subsist
  • diplomatically we should prepare at every possible angle for the sudden collapse of the government
  • the idea of resolving a situation such as that purely militarily is a non-starter
  • resolving the nuclear situation should be facilitated through diplomatic and military dialog between the U.S.-ROK and DPRK
  • it would be prudent to have intelligence sources in the DPRK before there is a resumption of deadly hostilities
  • Expect for Korea to collapse after sudden death of leader through accident
  • this situation will produce much leeway and room to work in as the situation attempts to resolve itself internally
  • having official or unofficial sources on the ground internally in Korea at the time will allow for a more stable situation
  • we cannot wait for the hour of his demise to come before we start considering our options of how to deal with the situation
  • with no apparent heir it may very well get worst before it gets better
  • having an open line of communications is therefore imperative for the U.S. government to have so that we may be open and frank with one another in times of crisis
  • this will prevent nuclear war
  • militarily we should be cognizant of the fact that any war against north Korea is defensive in nature
  • open hostility on their part should be met with swift and concrete actions that seek to prevent the amount of casualties on our side
  • loose nuclear materials is dangerous however we cannot risk personnel in an attempt to recover said materials under deep cover if at all possible
  • a miscalculation can lead to a larger conflagration and so we must be vigilant in our pursuit of peace
  • economically we must prepare for refugees and also the sudden collapse of the regime economically
  • The economics of the DPRK is such that we should do everything in our power now to dissuade them from wanting to go to war or initiate any sort of war with any of its neighbors.
  • During a crisis we should also send messages economically that perhaps an avenue of fighting is not in their best interest.
  • since we never know for certain what is going on in the DPRK we should always expect for a crisis to precipitate itself
  • the only way to get ahead of the crisis management matrix is to have intelligent sources on the ground
  • Human intelligence therefore would be a necessity.
  • It is essential that even if we are not able to get non-official cover (NOC) assets on the ground we should at the very least negotiate for official cover assets on the ground.
  • The U.N. should have a role in future force levels on the peninsula
  • a return to UNCURK or a U.N. Korean command may be needed to head off war for the short term and during spates of violence
  • With the U.N. Having a vested interest in what happens on the peninsula we should have a degree of better stability and open lines of communications with the DPRK and ROK-DPRK relations.
  • These are my suggestions for Korea policy.

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