Kim Yang Gon Funeral Committee Analysis

North Korea just released the funeral committee for Kim Yang Gon. The first five names remain the same with Kim Ki Nam rounding out the top five. This is the same as the Ri Ul Sol funeral committee. Choe Ryong Hae is the sixth(6th) person to be named to the Kim Yang Gon (KYG) funeral committee.  This is very interesting since before KYG passed it was reported that Choe had been sent to a mine for reeducation. This does not necessarily mean that Choe has been fully rehabilitated and that he is back in the good graces of Kim Jong-Un. This could simply mean that him and KYG were close up to his death. However I think that we can almost surely surmise that Choe knows that KYG is dead, wherever he may be.

Interestingly Kim Kyong Hui is not on the funeral committee. But then again she wasn’t on the Ru Ul Sol funeral committee either. It’s unclear what happened to her political star after Jang Song Taek’s execution, as almost assuredly she would want to be included on the roll, no matter how sick she may be. This author surmises that Kim Jong Un must have her under house arrest and has retired her from North Korean political life.

Obviously, as evidenced by the prominent position of Choe Ryong Hae on the funeral committee, KJU must still have heartfelt affection for Choe no matter what he did or didn’t do. Choe, a North Korean princeling, has had to be rehabilitated before. It would not surprise me if KYG’s death led to the abrupt ascendance, once again, of Choe’s political fortunes.

Also in Choe Ryong Hae’s favor is the amount of significant cadre that’s on the funeral committee. This means that Choe must still be considered one of the elite. This is evidenced with a cross reference between Kim Yong Gon’s funeral committee, and the last funeral committee made public Ri Ul Sol. Ri was someone who was near and dear to Kim Jong Un. Hence the amount of names on that list(169). And though there are less names on the KYG list(70) this could point to the elite circles that KYG was present in. This could also perhaps be a nod to elitism, for elitism’s sake. Either way it looks good for Choe Ryong Hae to be in the sixth spot, on such a culled though hurriedly put together list.


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