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Space Shuttle Challenger: My First National Disaster

30 years ago today the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded over Florida after taking off from the Kennedy Space Station. I was only in elementary school at the time, but the memories of that beautiful day in Tampa, Florida are seared into my mind. I can recall the run up to the Space Shuttle Flight. In… Continue reading Space Shuttle Challenger: My First National Disaster

Middle Eastern Affairs

Sen. McConnell AUMF and the Implications Thereof

On Thursday, January 21, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) proposed on the Senate floor a draft bill by senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) that would give the President no horizon for the implementation of his ISIL plan of attack, and would include authorization for ground troops. This bill which was first promulgated in the… Continue reading Sen. McConnell AUMF and the Implications Thereof

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Contingency Planning: Battle of Ar-Raqqa

When it comes to ISIS in the Middle East anything is possible as evidenced by the sheer amount of variables in play in not only Syria, but Iraq as well. It is important to be well prepared for anything which might happen in the future that we aren’t already. The following is a powerpoint presentation… Continue reading Contingency Planning: Battle of Ar-Raqqa

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Consequences for North Korean Nuclear Test

With the recent nuclear test by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un it has now become apparent that the North only seeks provocation. The empty gestures and false promises promulgated by the North Korean leader in his New Year’s Day address were quickly engulfed by a now confirmed nuclear weapons test late on the night of… Continue reading Consequences for North Korean Nuclear Test

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Perhaps Kim Jong-Un is Mistaken

Recently it was observed, at his New Year’s Day address, that Kim Jong-Un called for an end to the war between North Korea, and the United States, Republic of Korea alliance. Words are nice, and these are certainly welcome words, but it will take more than words to repair the wounds of the Korean War… Continue reading Perhaps Kim Jong-Un is Mistaken