Consequences for North Korean Nuclear Test

With the recent nuclear test by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un it has now become apparent that the North only seeks provocation. The empty gestures and false promises promulgated by the North Korean leader in his New Year’s Day address were quickly engulfed by a now confirmed nuclear weapons test late on the night of January 6th, 2016. These provocations will lead to nowhere for the North Korean regime, and the only way they can ever hope for peace and prosperity is by giving up their nuclear program and returning to the negotiation table.

Though there is relatively little that can be done to Kim Jong-Un himself from a diplomatic or economic standpoint, the North Korean’s have recently substantially increased their slave labor force abroad, and so perhaps this is a avenue that can be explored for economic pressure. Kim Jong-Un is currently attempting to make friends and influence people throughout the world after many decades of open hostility to the outside world by the North Korean regime. This would explain his worldwide charm offensive strategy. This is new insomuch as it was policy only after he took power back in late 2011. This means that though he can’t be influenced directly, his foreign policy can certainly be. By applying economic and diplomatic pressure on those countries that the DPRK has slave labor in, we can effectuate a positive outcome in the issue of slavery by the DPRK and their revenue streams. Also by threatening sanctions on those countries that cooperate with the North Koreans, and applying additional sanctions to North Korean, and Iranian scientist, we’ll be able to mitigate the risk of war on the Korean peninsula. Also, as we go forward, we should seek to refer certain high ranking North Korean cadre at the United Nations Security Council for referral to the Hague to proceed with charges of crimes against humanity.

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