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China,Taiwan, and the Spratly Connection

The dispute in the Spratly Islands chain has its roots in the Chinese perception of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas or UNCLOS which concluded in the early 1980’s. In it safe passage is given to any vessel that is navigating waters an agreed upon distance from islands and other land… Continue reading China,Taiwan, and the Spratly Connection

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Paper From ISSS Detailing Possible KwangMyongSong-4 Launch Repercussions

The following is a pretty good paper on a preliminary analysis of the recent rocket launch in the DPRK and what it means for India, the U.S., and of course the DPRK. It was published at the International Strategic Studies and Security Program in India, the paper was written by Arun Vishwanathan, S. Chandrashekar, L.V.… Continue reading Paper From ISSS Detailing Possible KwangMyongSong-4 Launch Repercussions

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North Korea KwangMyongsong-4 Launch

Last Night before the Republican Debate North Korea launched a space satellite called the KwangMyongSong-4 into orbit. The following are tweets that were sent immediately after and today(Feb. 7) following the launch. Only 72 other people watching the KCTV live stream with me right now. You can too: https://t.co/KQvLfMhLhY #DPRK — Melissa Hanham (@mhanham) February… Continue reading North Korea KwangMyongsong-4 Launch