The Invasion of Mosul

When looking at the map of Mosul and the projected enemies position in the western part of town (i.e. the part of town that is separated by the Tigris River) it becomes apparent that they have placed themselves in a strategically unimpressive position. The first thing that needs to be asked is what direction should we approach the city from. The almost universal opinion in this regard is to approach Mosul from the North Highway that comes from Dahūk.

Once this has been accomplished a foothold should then be gained in the center of the area that is bordered by Mosul University in the North-East, Nineveh Woods to the North-West, the Tigris River to the South-West, and the Nahr Khamusr River to the East and South-East.

After this has been completed then deploying artillery as indicated by the Blue box at the waypoint presently described. This will allow for the Iraqi Army to defend itself by raining artillery shells on the enemy in the western portion of town an order to soften up their defenses.

The next thing that needs to happen is the offensive on the enemies position in the Western part of town. You will need to coordinate a two pronged strategy which i’m calling the Fork and Left Hook. The fork is the forces that will be centered in the western part of the staging ground waypoint. This force will be used to feign an attack on the bridges that connect the Eastern, and Western parts of the city.

The Left Hook Portion is the main part of the assault. This Left Hook will be positioned at night over the Tigris and into the Western part of Mosul City where the Forest is present. The trees will give cover, and the river will act as a natural land barrier to prevent from being flanked from behind.

After this is completed the Fork portion of the troop regiment will need to engage the enemy across the river. While they are engaging the enemy the Left Hook will then (at the appropriate time) need to swoop in and catch the enemy off guard on their northern or left flank. The timing and secrecy of these operations will be critical to success.

After the enemy has been routed then the next objective should be to take the Airport and from their it is just a matter of outflanking the enemy until they are no longer in the city limits of Mosul.

Power Point of the Invasion of Mosul, IraqMosul, Iraq Military Maneuvers JPEG

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