North Korean 9th Youth Congress Analysis

Following is Analysis for North Korea Leadership Watch Website Posting on 8/28/2016 as pertains to North Korea’s 9th National Youth Conference

Website can be found at:

Analysis: Kim Jong-Un as he has gotten older has begun to rely less and less on his advisers leftover from his Father. When his wife gave birth to a baby girl some years ago now, Kim Ju-ae (Born 2012) he waited with baited excitement to see if it was the little boy that he always wanted. However when his wife, Ri Sol Ju, gave birth to a girl he was less than thrilled. It was sometime later that he began to warmup to the idea of having an heir. Even if it is a little girl. The hype and anticipation surrounding the youth congress, and his prior cultivation of the youth of North Korea for the Ju’che (self reliance) cause has been well documented by this website and others like it.

Insight: This development should not go unnoticed as it foreshadows the future prominence of his sister, as adviser; his wife, as national symbol; and his daughter by his wife, as heir apparent.

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