On the Vagaries of United States Debt Restructuring

Complications arising from a reimagining of the ferment of U.S.-E.U. transatlantic relations are inevitable. This is especially true when talking about matters concerning money, particularly between close friends. This is why it is prudent for the U.S., as well as the E.U. to establish proper guidelines and safe measures an order to facilitate a furtherance of the unique, and special relationship which each has with one another, as well as having a frank and more than general understanding of one another’s ambitions in not only the current world order, but also in the unforeseen which could arise from the well established ambitions of near peer adversaries. The ironing out of mechanics of the avenues to redress issues arising from the lack of payment, or ill-timed missed payment of debt for European Union Bonds outstanding from the United States asoutlined in the

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previous paper concerning debt restructuring should naturally be detailed before hand. This is not to say that the current byzantine apparatus of European Union decision making is adequate. As judging by the standards of the modern policy making process here in the United States. However for feasibility sake, so long as the European Union has the authority from all nations involved, command and control can be proven to work under real world time constraints, and the ability for jointness to prevail over disorder, and the normal chaos, and fog of war is orderly, and manageable, then I see no reason for the aforementioned restructuring of U.S. sovereign debt to take place. However if the E.U. seems content in the sédentaire of bureaucracy, and complacent with the as yet unresolved dismantling of combat brigades throughout the continent, and the escalation of Debt-GDP, and it’s effects on living standards, then the most prudent logic would be to back away from any and all initiative, and reassess the situation as it currently stands. This is not an indictment of the European polities, I see much hope; aspirant, and realized around the continent, but rather a good friend who wishes nothing but the best for an old but not forgotten companion, both for now and the future…of all of Europe.


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