Analysis of Kim Jong Nam’s Death

By: Kevin Miller

The death of Kim Jong Nam, and the way in which it was done is a scurrilous crime. It also is a blow for American, South Korean, and other Western foreign intelligence agencies. It should however come as a surprise to you the audience with what I’m about to postulate: The plot to Kim Jong Nam was not formulated by his erstwhile reigning brother Kim Jong Un.

You may say “Well hold on if Kim Jong Un didn’t do this, then who did? After all he had the most to gain. And while It’s true that Kim Jong Un probably wanted his brother killed, it in no way was done in the way it was done at his behest. But rather in spite of it. Let me explain.

The preceding months to Kim Jong Nam’s death saw the launching of various indigenous rocket designs as well as explicit bellicosity aimed at the then unsanctioned new United States regime of Donald Trump. This period however also saw the beginnings of a rapprochement that was being nurtured by Kim Jong Un personally. And though a senior Chinese ambassador of the Chinese administration of Xi Jinping was quoted as saying to an American audience that the two countries; China, and North Korea, are as “close as lips and teeth”. This is very likely a face saving measure that the regime took an order to shore up support for their position to North Korea under withering criticism from the International community. This was a necessary measure in their minds because not only did the Chinese not know that this assassination was going to occur. But most of the upper echelons of the North Korean leadership didn’t know that it was going to occur either. Including Kim Jong Un himself. I base this off of several observations and assumptions. The first is that Malaysia was one of the DPRK’s closest trading partners, and erstwhile allies. Shortly after the death of Kim Jong Nam A number of illegal exchanges were exposed, including a very lucrative arms manufacturing trade, allegedly by a number of North Korean companies. These companies operated out of Malaysia. Another fact is that Malaysia was seen as a North Korean finishing school for new, and upstart academics. To go to a Malaysian college for education was seen as a mark of pride, and they were viewed as the best of the best, simply put the future of North Korea. This was due much in part to the minor yet significant changes which Kim Jong Un made to the DPRK’s economy. It’s these changes as well as military advances which have made Kim Jong Un as celebrated as he is in North Korea. Kim’s death has ended any hopes of this pipeline continuing for the time being. This is almost certainly to Jong Un’s Detriment. There is also the matter of manual and skilled labor in the country. By killing Jong Nam, Jong Un has cut off a lucrative, and steady income not only for himself, but also his population. In Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, A book that Kim has almost assuredly read, he says that a man will engender hatred if he seizes the property and women of his subjects. And though of Kim it cannot be said that he has ever “seized” the women of his subjects, surely by taking away their livelihood, the monies was estimated to be in the billions, he has engendered hatred and not fear from them. These facts have led me to a deeper understanding of the functioning of the North Korean State, and the way in which it governs itself. Kim fears rivals, this is evidenced by his execution of Jang Song Taek, and the attempted execution of Ri Yong Hae. Because of these things that means that whomever ordered the assassination of Jong Nam it has to be someone whom is powerful enough to order the operation, and yet has the fiat of Kim Jong Un. The only person that in my estimation has this authority is Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju. To understand her actions it is important to understand the motivations behing them. Ri Sol Ju was recently after enjoying unfettered access and exposure to the North Korean limelight was suddenly nowhere to be seen. This occurred as early as March of 2016, and continued until December of 2016. The ensuing media about the disappearance speculated that Ri was possibly pregnant or that they had a falling out of sorts. However after intense scrutiny of the March 2016 photo which was taken before her disappearance at a Morabong Concert, I concluded at the time that she must have been poisoned.

Ri Sol Ju and Kim Jong Un in a photo released February 2016, immediately following the suspected poisoning.
Ri Sol Ju and Marshall Kim Jong Un in a photo released in November of 2016.

I speculated that whomever did it was a female in the coterie of Ri or Kim Jong Un. Fast forward to the events of Kim Jong Nam and his assassination by poison and it becomes clear that my musings had some grounding in fact after all. This means that the assassination of Jong Nam was an act planned, and executed by a North Korean head of states wife. which is not a first for history, and I suspect it wasn’t a first instance for North Korea either. This is my analysis, and this is why I say that Kim Jong Nam was assassinated unbeknownst to Kim Jong Un.


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