Prepared Speech on Recent North Korean Bellicosity and Advancements

My fellow Americans, The threat and progress of the nuclear, and ballistic missile threat of the rogue North Korean regime has grown rapidly in the last two years. The North Koreans seek to expand, and replace their ballistic missile arsenal with ones capable of reaching the mainland of the United States. The North Koreans are seeking an added ability of placing a nuclear warhead on the tip of a missile which can then threaten the United States, and it’s Pacific allies. The exponential growth of the North ballistic, and nuclear program can be traced to the success of their leader; Kim Jong-Un, and his cadre of rogue engineers, and dirty scientist. In the past the United States has attempted to unilaterally delay, or possibly derail the North Korean nuclear, and ballistic missile program, with little success. The bellicosity of the North Korean regime has only grown as the United States has coordinated more closely with its partners and allies in the Northern Pacific, in an attempt to pacify the rogue regime. These attempts have also met little success. The North Koreans were recently caught exporting large amounts of military matériel to North Africa, including rocket propelled grenades, headed for an undisclosed location. The rogue regime has also attempted assassinate abroad American Ambassadors, as well as assets from nations with friendly relations with the United States. As recently as this month the North Korean leader was directly implicated in the gross assassination of his late half brother Kim Jong Nam, in Malaysia. The United States is a peace loving nation which seeks to expand its influence throughout the globe, an order to counter the gross narratives of derelict regimes, and would be despots. However this is not a task which the United States has to do alone. Nor is it a task which the United States will ever tire of. The actions of the North Korean regime represent a grave, and growing threat to the peace and stability of North East Asia, and will no longer be tolerated. Their once was a time where the threat of a North Korea which was capable of threatening the United States with nuclear ballistic missiles was far off. This is no longer the case. Through the advancement of ballistic missiles, and the progression of a covert military nuclear program, has brought us to the brink of no return. Over the last few months, specifically, the North has successfully to launched multiple ballistic missile warhead packages, using multiple methods of delivery. With each new test, successful  or not, the North has grown more, and more confident in the technologies which allow for it to develop its intended delivery method for any nuclear war. These actions came to a head earlier this month when the North fired multiple rockets at the same time in the direction of both the United States, and one of its strongest Pacific Asian allies; Japan. The actions of the North Korean regime have necessitated a change in both policy, and rhetoric which seeks to stiffen the penalties against the regime, and prevent the outbreak of nuclear war. The North Korean regime should now know this, that the United States reserves the right to take punitive measures, including up to certain defensive kinetic counter actions, should the North Koreans attempt to launch a ballistic missile under any circumstances, or any direction, regardless of payload. These words seek to clarify for the North Korean regime, specifically for its leader, Kim Jong-Un that the actions which it takes against the United States, and its friends, and allies cannot go on unchecked any longer. The deployment of THAAD missile launchers in our South Korean ally has commenced, and is underway. But this is not the end of our use of defensive measures in the North Pacific. In keeping with the extraordinary progress which the Kim Jong-Un regime has made in the field of ballistic missile, and nuclear technology, I have ordered my generals, and diplomatic corps, to explore the deployment of other current, and next generation defensive measures, in the hopes of delaying, and even rolling back the current North Korean nuclear, and ballistic missile program, as it currently stands. It is through these actions, and with the help of the international community that I believe we can convince the North Korean regime to stop the dangerous and counter productive path which their on, and to return to the negotiating table. In this endeavor I seek the will, and patience of the American people in the hopes that one day, together, we will be able to see a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons, and no longer hostile with its neighbors. I thank you for this opportunity to speak before you today. Thank you, and God bless these United States.


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