Analysis of the Situation Concerning the Bashar al-Assad Régime

The recent developments in the war in Syria has caused me to think what I thought was once unthinkable, the targeted assassination of the regime’s leadership. This change has manifested itself due to the recent brutality of the Assad regime against it’s own people, namely the leveling of Aleppo, and the gassing of his own people. Responsibility to Protect, or R2P, wherein states have a responsibility to protect there populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other interstate war crimes, is all the legal justification that I needed an order to come to this conclusion.

My plan is simple the prevailing wisdom about the Régime is that it is run by Assad and any and all actions which emanate from it, are his and almost his alone. This to me is a fallacy. Let me explain.

When observing the death of Kim Jong Nam I recently came to the conclusion that he in fact was not assassinated by his half brother, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but rather by Kim Jong Un’s wife, Ri Sol Ju. I based this conclusion almost exclusively on the fact that I detected through photographic evidence, and internet reports that she herself had recently been poisoned in February of 2016. This preceded a period of eight months where she was completely absent from all DPRK propaganda, only to resurface in October of 2016. Fast forward to March of 2017 and Kim Jong Nam, the estranged brother of Kim Jong Un is assassinated using deadly VX poison in Malaysia, one of the North’s most fertile hubs for trade and investment. The assassination was done in a way which piqued my curiosity since it ran so counter-factual to everything I knew about the way Kim Jong Un operated, since he had so much to lose. This led to me believe that it was ordered by someone other than Kim himself, and since I already knew that it was not him but his wife whom was poisoned it led me to conclude that Ri Sol Ju in fact ordered the assassination, independent from her husband.

Why do I bring this up?

The pictures out of Aleppo that we are now beginning to see tell a tale of unconscionable human suffering. The likes of which we haven’t seen since World War II. This leads me to believe that whomever carried out the bombing of such a city in such a way was not simply trying to take the city, no, this person wanted to punish the city. Punish it for everything that it was to them before, and everything that it could have been to them had the war never broken out. Aleppo which was once an extremely cosmopolitain city with a vibrant community, and hot shopping, and vacation destinations is now a shell of its former self. The city was especially popular among Arab, and other cosmopolitain women. Asma al-Assad, the wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, with her en pointe clothes, and western education, is just that sort of woman. Her abstraction from the events surrounding Bashar al-Assad has confounded me for a long time during this crisis. I cannot begin to fathom what personal trials and tribulations she has gone through. However with the gassing of innocent women and children in Khan Sheikhoun has been the final straw for me. Her complicity, née, her insistence of these crimes has led me to believe that she is just as responsible for them as her husband.

This is what I propose: The assassination of Asma al-Assad an order to stop the violence from the brutal Assad regime once and for all. This would entail locating her whereabouts, preferably in Syria, separated from her husband. We would then pass along these coordinates to a third country, my ship is Turkey. They would then carry out the airstrikes on our behalf. This would paralyze any immediate response from the Régime and provide cover for plausible deniability. Prior tot he airstrikes being carried out we will have already stationed troops in Israel with the stated intention of protecting that country, while ostensibly it could be seen as an explicit threat to the survival of the Assad Régime. The United States, and its coalition allies would also begin to exercise forces and influence in the Anatolian peninsular region. It is by doing this we would be able to provide air assets which would provide protection for Turkey from any symmetrical threats from the Assad Régime, and also begin to implement our plans for the eventual invasion of Syria, and the expulsion of Russia from the Middle East.

Throughout all of this Bashar al-Assad himself should be left alive, save for the moments immediately preceding our decision to invade. This will provide for maximum fallibility, and dereliction on his part, giving the United States, and its coalition partners the upper hand in the ensuing kinetic engagements.


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