New Paper: Cold Shiver: An Indictment of Russian Transgressions

In Geo-Politics today one of the most pressing, and existential questions for the United States today is what to do about Russian intransigence. This paper which I present to you today, attempts to answer this question. In keeping with the current state of affairs, Russian recalcitrance concerning the Syria episode, as well as Ukraine, merit considerable expertise, and clarity of vision concerning the next steps which the United States, and its partner allies should take. That is not to say that steps haven’t already been taken, but I’m sure all concerned would agree, more must be done. Also there is another, more pecuniary matter, which is unsettling, to say the very least, in Western relations with Moscow. Namely the entanglement of funds, and assets in the West, which are increasingly being bought up by Russian State owned enterprises, as well as Sovereign Wealth Funds, from countries friendly to Moscow. This along with the explosive allegations that Russia may have funded the war in Syria, as well as debt servicing for certain Russian Political “Elites”; if founded, as I stipulate in my paper, would turn out to be troubling indeed.

Here below is the following paper entitled:

Cold Shiver: An Indictment of Russian Transgressions


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