Kim Jong Un; Menace to Society: Op-Ed

Kim Jong-Un; Menace to Society: Op-Ed

By: Kevin M. Miller

Kim Jong-Un is a menace to society. The situation concerning North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing is dire indeed. The testing near Manpo and defector accounts of Radiation poisoning and birth defects was shocking and extremely disturbing information. The scale of the Humanitarian and Ecological disaster which is to take place for the region will be unprecedented. The process which comes next will be crucial for the intervening time frame. The DPRK and it’s leadership are facing there worst crisis at any time in their history, even more so than the Korean War. The logistics of what is going on the country is clear. They have set off a geo-political ticking time bomb which can only go so far. This means that the end of the regime is near. The question isn’t if, but when. The calculation to me as to what should occur next is cold, calculated, and steady. The regime simply refuses to join the international community. They seem, and again this is speculation on my part, intent on living hermetically sealed for as long as possible. To do this they will resort to a more brutal and harsher form of oppression. One which strips away any rational for their existence. They will be forced, I believe into pouring first concrete, then lead in the water an order to prevent it from going further upstream on the Yalu River near Manpo. If it can be effectuated The Chinese should take south of Manpo, and the Russians should take north of Manpo on the Yalu River. However the burden of this will fall, I believe primarily to the North Korean’s. This will prevent any more contamination of the environs, and the population. The peoples of DPRK will also have to continually take on a daily basis doses of pure lead, and pure crushed up Rubies, or crushed up Diamonds, an order to maintain their survival. This will lead(no pun intended) to an atrophy of resources in DPRK and a toll on their economy which will be irrecoverable from. The amount of people that they must maintain an order to train, equip and deploy a military, along with their economic and social needs makes it an onerous yet bearable burden. They will have to continually mine, extract, and consume massive amounts of resources just to stay alive. These include: Pure Lead, Water, Rubies, Minerals, and Diamonds. The sheer amount of Rubies or Diamonds which they will have to consume is estimated to be in excess of $37.5 billion United States Dollars annually. This number will be realized in approximately 10 years with GDP consumption growing annualized by $3.75 Billion a year. North Koreas Per Capita GDP is currently estimated at $40 billion. It will also have to be taken into account the amount of money which will have to be consumed an order to continually deviate the river, and maintain the extravagant lifestyle of the DPRK. once you factor into account the lack of natural resources, and health care cost which will become apparent with each new deviation of the Yalu River, the regimes prospects for survival are not conditional, so long as the North Koreans refuse to give up their nuclear weapons, The United States and the international community will demand an end to the regime. and So long as the DPRK declines international aide and United States Assistance, it will eventually fail. The ecological impact of what may be happening is apparent only when you realize that the DPRK refuses to acknowledge any corroboration of the facts concerning its country. That’s not to say that the laws of physics will prevent the degradation of socioeconomic impact, environmental, and health concerns involving such a growing and serious problem. The geo-political ramifications of the effects to the North Koreans and their health will be jarring. The inclusion on the world stage of people who have facial, and or bodily deformations is something which has in modern times been confined to the world of espionage. That is to say you would hear of them, but rarely would you find them. This new generation of North Korean leaders that I believe will rise, will be crafty, and will be cunning.  The all out push which the North Korean’s will no doubt engage in an order perpetuate the illusion of the Stamina, Glory, and racial purity of the North Korean peoples will only exacerbate things more. This will no doubt lead to a world wholly engaged in cloak and dagger, and espionage on a global scale. The day of a free and prosperous North Korea is now in sight, and the time has come now to contemplate the advent of such things. However the likelihood that this environmental and Political Calamity has forever changed the world, and our views on what humanity is, is all to real.


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