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The Road To SAFTE

The Chinese Silk Road Initiative is an idea almost literally as old as civilization itself. There has always been a desire, nay, a need to transport goods and services safely and efficiently between two points of interest. And although I observe the pluck and tenacity of the Chinese, the oblique argument which keeps coming to… Continue reading The Road To SAFTE

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Opinion on Ecumenical Papal Conclaves

In 2015 Pope Francis I visited the United States in what many viewed as an important and conciliatory gesture toward Americans, and Protestants as a whole— He was the second pope to do so. In the preceding weeks and days that followed their was much talk about the munificence of the Pope, and his desire… Continue reading Opinion on Ecumenical Papal Conclaves

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Why Abolishing Gerrymandering Is A Bad Idea

Democrats have as of late been promoting, and seriously considering the idea of revising the constitution an order to prevent gerrymandering from occurring. On its face this seems like a rather noble endeavor however once one begins to sift through the facts of what exactly that would entail, it becomes clear, in my opinion, that… Continue reading Why Abolishing Gerrymandering Is A Bad Idea